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A short introduction

My name is Darko Stanimirov. I am a Product Designer with more than six years of experience in various fields. Over the years, I've helped companies from multiple industries ship digital products that touch millions of users.

I was privileged and lucky enough to see some of those products used by companies like HBO, Twitter, T-Mobile, HP, Adobe, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, FOX, Hilton, Sony, and many others.

Featured engagements

At Pathgather, I led the design of the Learning Management Platform, which raised $3.7m in funding. Companies like HP, T-Mobile, and Autodesk use Pathgather to transform the way their companies learn.

I helped Axios create and deliver the pitch to Business Insider and HBO for their creative collaboration. Axios is a media company started by former Politico staffers that has its show on HBO.

I worked with TextNow, the world’s first cloud-based phone carrier, and helped them create email campaigns for their services. We worked on increasing open and click-through rates.

I worked with Classe365, to craft a student management software as well as create the web & mobile app and the promotional website. Companies that use this software include FC Barcelona, among others.

case studies

To learn about the projects I worked on and helped bring to life, you can visit the work section. There I have case studies waiting for you that talk about the products, goals, and results that we achieved.

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Lab experiments

To learn about the side projects and visual designs, I like to create in spare time, experiment on and play with, feel free to explore the lab section. There is a grid of eye candy waiting to dazzle you.

open lab


Finally, to get in touch about your fresh ideas, upcoming projects, or to say Hi, visit the contact page to see all the ways you can reach me.

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