Making asset uploads easy and effective.

A short introduction

This project is part three of the Motion Array project series. The Uploader is a system for posting large quantities of different types of assets to the Motion Array platform, made for our producers and contributors.

the problem and What I worked on

We needed to design a frictionless upload system for different types of contributors and scenarios. It needed to be scalable so you could upload anywhere from one to hundreds of assets at the same time and quickly fill out the necessary info for all of them.

The results

This project is the result of our users' needs, and though it still did not get into production, we did testing with users, and we saw significant improvements in all critical areas that I mention in this study. Users reported clarity in some areas that usually cause headaches.

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Different preview cards and information boxes

the problem

Our platform supports very different media and types of assets. Our contributors also work with varying types of files and have different ways of distributing assets to our system.

Some users will upload MP4 files for sound, others might upload images for stock photos while some can add ZIP files - and those are just some of the supported file types.

These varying categories and file types also come with varying information that producers need to fill out. And to tie it all off, what happens when contributors need to upload hundreds, if not thousands of assets - how do they quickly fill out the information boxes?

The Solution

We solved the problem of different file types by making the user chose the category before proceeding. Doing that seemed to be the most logical step since most of the users only contribute to a few categories.

The preview boxes were also a less challenging task since all we needed to do is design the container that best reflected the content inside - for example, sounds got a full width of the screen to house the waveform.

The real challenge was the information part. We enabled selecting multiple assets and selecting the repetitive options for the given asset type. Things like categories, moods, tags, resolution, shortly, all the things many files can have in common.

We ended up with two unique views, one that appeared when only one asset is selected, with all options and the other, when multiple assets are chosen, that had some boxes obscured.

Needs Work and Rejected items

the problem

All of the assets that producers submit to our platform need to go through the approval process. Our moderators carefully review every submission, and they can either request additional work on the asset or reject it altogether.

The problem with our current system is that our users don't get the feedback when we reject their work, which results in lots of emails, slack comments, and support tickets that our moderators cannot follow up on, and it crowds other resources in the company.

the solution

We created a chat-like feature for moderators and producers. Moderators can request changes and discuss further work with the producers, or quickly explain why they rejected an asset.

The goal is to get the response of a proper team and provide clear and helpful feedback to the producers, but also to free up other resources and reduce support tickets, so our support team can handle bigger problems for the customers.

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