Resources, troubleshooting, and news for the modern video editor and filmmaker.

A short introduction

In late 2018 I joined Motion Array. Their mission is to help users - novice and professionals - produce great videos easily by providing them with tools that improve their workflow and make their job easier.

Motion Array had a significant amount of tutorials and helpful articles on a variety of topics focused around making better videos. Most of these articles were part of a long time running a blog that had 100s of articles.

The founders have decided to move in a new direction - brand and product-wise. As the smallest moving part in the Motion Array product family, it was decided that the blog will be the first one to get redesigned.

the problem and What I worked on

Instead of diving in and just re-skinning the blog, we decided to get to ground zero and inspect what works and what doesn't. We found that the information is scattered between Blog Articles, Tutorials Page, and Help Page.

The design of the blog was not very inviting, so engagement suffered. Lastly, there was no segmentation by topics, and search and navigation was very basic, so finding the content users wanted to read was hard.

The results

We now generate 50% more organic traffic on the HUB.

Conversion rate is up by 44% compared to the old blog and growing each month.

Click through rates and impressions are up by 11%.

Since we launched, we have been getting positive feedback from our users. We learned that centralizing content and making a clear distinction between the help center and the hub helped us positively influence the number of support tickets from people looking to find tutorials.

People are now able to find what they are looking for without having to go through multiple sources. Improved navigation and search helped our users move around and not feel stranded, which in turn increased conversion rates for us.

We are still experimenting with a call to action components inside the articles and testing how adding or removing them influences our conversion rates. We want to provide value to our users and not spam them into becoming a customer.

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Hub pages

the problem

Getting into the redesign, the first thing that was clear to us is that we needed to make a centralized place for all our knowledge sources.

Make the blog feel robust (as it is, with the amount of content) but yet, make it simple to navigate and take in.

The Solution

We accomplished that by making the blog into a HUB that we called The Learn. It is robust in a way that it contains different levels of content, divided into smaller hubs based on either a software or a topic; and it is simple enough with multiple navigational components like breadcrumbs, a sub-navigation bar that lets users switch categories and topics at all times, clear page hierarchy and search that is ever-present.

Every topic is further divided into categories - Tutorials, Resources, News, Troubleshooting. That helps narrow the search additionally, making it easy for our users to filter out the content that interests them.

Article page

The problem

Articles used to be these isolated pieces of content on the old blog, which made it hard for new users to explore new content once on the blog and made it hard for the existing users to find their way back. It also made it hard for us to convert new users into paying customers.

The solution

We introduced the navigation that is present on all pages, and adding a search helped us transform articles into much more accessible parts of the hub.

One of the key goals with articles was also share-ability, which let our users share exciting articles on the web. Our old blog had very hidden share buttons on the bottom of each article that users, most of the time, did not see or use.

In the new design, we introduced share buttons that scrolled with the article. The design of the buttons is very low key, meaning it's not in your way of getting through the article, but it's still there to remind you that you have that option.

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