Frame accurate video review system.

A short introduction

This project is the final part of the Motion Array project series and a predecessor of the Advanced Review System project that serves as a bridge between the current platform and the advanced one.

Review system helps users get video projects approved faster with realtime, frame-accurate feedback from clients. What that means is that you can share your work with clients, and they can leave comments directly on your videos, reducing the mess of emails, notes, chat conversations and other tools clients use to provide feedback to video professionals.

the problem and What I worked on

I briefly explained the problem in the introduction of the project, and that is the mess that is feedback for video professionals. What Review does is provide them with tools to gather the feedback in one place and skip all friction that currently exists.

Another part of the problem is that our current Review System provides fundamental features that don't meet all the needs of our users and their clients have.

The results

Our beta testers were pleased to see their needs being met and we even got feedback from competitor users that they will be switching to our system once it goes live. We are rolling out the Review Systems soon and I will publish further results after further testing.

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Commenting, sharing and version history

the problem

As I mentioned, our current system only have basic commenting options, and our users have greater needs.

The Solution

We increased the focus on actual video by making the system dark and building the interface around it. We introduced frame accurate commenting, which means comments can be added directly to the video and the time gets accurately stamped on it.

We added advanced sharing options that allow users to invite multiple clients and collaborators to the project. And finally we introduced version history that allows users to quickly restore previous versions that clients liked more.

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