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A short introduction

Post Pro is a new social platform for producers and video creatives. It was born out of a need to provide video professionals the platform that allows them to express in all the ways they wanted, but could not on any existing platform.

the problem and What I worked on

Other platforms for video creatives are very limiting and don't allow people to express in the ways they want and don't always display their projects in the best possible way.

The results

The Post Pro platform is very very young, it still needs a lot of research, work and users, but, our beta testers are loving the freedom of expression and we even have users that are switching from other competitor platforms.

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the problem

Existing platforms have limited exploration methods and features, which limit users from finding and following the content they like.

The Solution

We created project, user and collection discovery pages that help you find new and exciting content. Collections help you save organize the content you love and transform them into a feed other people can follow and explore.

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the problem

One of the most significant issues for video creatives is the support of different aspect ratios. This is a fundamental concept in video production, but it's either nonexistent or constrained on other platforms.

the solution

We solved the issues videographers had by making the experience as customizable as possible. We have introduced different aspect ratios, even those rarely used. Allowing advanced video controls like video player customization, playback quality control, and attachments on projects are just some of the features that are speaking to our users and drawing them to make the switch.

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the problem

Other platforms have limited or inferior upload capabilities that are an essential entry point for all users. If there is friction before the user has interacted with the platform, chances are, they will not try again and will stop using the platform.

the solution

Our uploader, like our player, is supporting different aspect ratios, multi-video uploads, and uploads that run in the background, so your uploads are not interrupted by other actions.

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