Portfolio builder for video professionals.

A short introduction

This project is part four of the Motion Array project series. Most of our users focus on their craft and don't have the skills, time or resources to build custom professional looking portfolios. The Portfolio Builder allows our users to quickly and easily, with no additional cost create beautiful website for your craft.

the problem and What I worked on

The portfolio builder was in place long before I joined Motion Array. Part of the problem of the system in place was confusing controls in the builder, excessive features our customers didn't use or need, and another part was the small number of neglected templates that weren't inviting enough.

The results

This project is the result of our users' needs, and though it still did not get into production, we did testing with users, and we saw significant improvements in all critical areas that I mention in this study.

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Portfolio Builder System

Filtering & preview cards and product pages

the problem

Builder controls were too complex and confusing to our customers and filled with bloat controls no one was using. Our users needed customization options, but they didn't want to design the full website.

The Solution

We simplified the builder controls and made them easier to understand and find the controls you need. We removed the unnecessary controls and made others smarter and more intuitive.

We made customization easier by providing variations of layouts, which reduced friction and time needed to edit the design to your liking.

Template designs

the problem

Our portfolio builder suffered from lower usage because of the small number of templates whose design was not updated in a while. We realized that customers who used portfolio builder were using our products 60% longer than average users.

the solution

We started working on fresh, modern-looking templates that were more inviting and engaging. Our future goal is to create a broad base of templates that cover different areas and specialties of the video profession so that a more significant number of producers can use them for their work. The goal of the actual templates is to attract visitors and spark conversations between our users and their potential customers.

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