Transform the way your company learns.

A short introduction

In 2014, I was involved in designing a platform for an in-house learning management system (LMS) within large companies called Pathgather.

the problem and What I worked on

I was involved in creating Paths, Gatherings, News and Search parts of this enormous LMS. I was also tasked with working on gamification and making the platform more engaging and competitive.

The results

Learners at HP collectively completed 118,000 pieces of voluntary learning content, covering 2,500 different job skills since joining in June 2016. Pathgather at HP is reaching 30% monthly active users within 50,000 employee population.

88% of invited T-Mobile employees logged in and sharing knowledge, best practices, and recommendations. Received an L&D Net Promoter Score of 72 from employees taking part in the initiative.

Half of Qualcomm's 31,000 global workforce is using Pathgather. Over 20,000 courses have been started with over 6,000 completed courses. 150 courses were employee created. Pathgather was ranked #1 on the 2015 learning elite list.

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