Advanced, frame-accurate video review system.

A short introduction

This project is part two of the Motion Array project series. Review system helps users get video projects approved faster with realtime, frame-accurate feedback from clients.

What that means is that you can share your work with clients, and they can leave comments directly on your videos, reducing the mess of emails, notes, chat conversations and other tools clients use to provide feedback to video professionals.

the problem and What I worked on

I briefly explained the problem in the introduction of the project, and that is the mess that is feedback for video professionals. What Review does is provide them with tools to gather the feedback in one place and skip all friction that currently exists.

Review system, like the first project in the series, is designed for the future, catering to the needs of our pro users. It is an advanced tool that resembles professional editing software, which helps users feel like they are in their native environment, instead of feeling like another tool that interrupts their workflow.

The results

This project is the result of our users' needs, and though it still did not get into production, we did testing with users, and we saw significant improvements in all critical areas that I mention in this study.

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Project and Video Selection

Adding and reading comments

the problem

The video needs to be the focus so that the clients can get immersed in the projects; still there needs to be a fair amount of room for adding, reading, and editing comments.

The Solution

Video is front and center, taking up most of the screen. Timeline, video controls, and comment controls are on the bottom, making it easy for anyone to focus on the action. The whole Review System is in dark mode, which enhances the video even more.

Timeline size can be adjusted by dragging it's a bar up or down, just like in other video editing software. Adding comments can be done in two ways, by clicking either on the timeline or directly on the video. That makes it easy for the clients to add comments, even if they have no experience using editing software.

Advanced audio & video controls

the problem

Pro users need additional controls over their projects so they can have more power, and they can look more professional in the eyes of their clients.

the solution

We introduced statuses like In Progress, In Review, and Approved so that projects can move through, and both parties can have a sense of progress. We also introduced version control, advanced sharing abilities, and download options.

But our users needed more, so we gave them advanced comment and timeline controls. Navigating and completing comments can be done with only their keyboard, and a comment box that expanded over the screen made that more comfortable.

Timeline allows you to focus on smaller blocks of the video by cropping it. We also introduced the sharing of the cropped parts of the video that removed the friction of having to navigate clients to parts of the video that had recent changes.

And finally, we introduced side by side comparison of the different video versions, which was one of the most demanded features.

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