Professional tools and assets for video makers.

A short introduction

In 2018 I joined the Motion Array team as a Product Designer. Motion Array primarily provides thousands of templates, royalty-free music, stock videos, and more assets for video professionals, but other than that, they also provide a wide range of tools for their customers. Some of the tools they provide are Adobe Plugins, Video Review System, Portfolio Builder, and more. Since they have such a wide array of products, this was a significant venture, so I separated the work for this team into several logical case studies, and this is part one of that series.

the problem and What I worked on

When I joined the team, founders stressed the need to update the current website, but feedback from users that demanded advanced features and elements that our current system could not support was immense.

We decided to listen to their voice and design a platform based on their wants and needs first. After finishing that, we would start working on optimizing and tweaking our current system slowly until it can support the new features.

As the only designer in this swift-moving team, I was in charge of everything from marketing, user experience design, branding, and visual design across our platform and all our products.

One thing that preceded all of that, though, was the actual marketplace, which is the company's most significant revenue maker, and that became my biggest focus.

Secondary to the marketplace were all other landing pages and front-facing pages that our potential customers are accessing. All of these pages are the theme of this case study.

The results

This project is the result of our users' needs, and though it still did not get into production, we did testing with users, and we saw significant improvements in all critical areas that I mention in this study.

Browse Marketplace

Marketplace landing page

Filtering & preview cards and product pages

the problem

A large number of our users reported issues with search and filtering. They were unable to efficiently and quickly find what they were looking for. Additionally, our first-time users had trouble understanding how search works.

Our goal with search, filtering, and product preview cards was to eliminate that friction and enable our users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

The Solution

We divided our assets into categories, so users can filter search results before they even enter any search query.

We improved how the search queries and filters are displayed. Search queries and applied filters appear on top of the page, so you know what results you're looking at.

Our users are industry professionals who need more control in finding the materials for their projects, so, we introduced advanced filtering options like mood, software compatibility, duration, and more specific filters for certain categories like resolution for video, beats per minute for audio, and more.

Preview cards for video and audio focus on their content. Video cards support different aspect ratios to better showcase different types of content. Audio cards focus on the track itself and show alternative records associated with the original record, without the need to open a product page.

All of the points above are improvements over the current system.

Advanced audio & video controls

the problem

Our users need a way to share bits and pieces of our assets with their clients to find the right videos, tracks or templates for their projects, without having to download and test every asset in their editing software of choice.

the solution

We created a mockup for doing this directly from the browser. Users could select specific parts of video and audio assets and share them with their clients with auto-generated links. We even went a step further and made it possible for users to try out an audio asset over the video by pasting a link on the video product page.

Landing pages for other products

The problem

Our new and even our existing customers had little to no knowledge about other products we offer next to the asset marketplace - given that we found that the customers who used one or more products besides the market had more than 60% longer retention rate, we had to find a way to educate our users about our other products and show the value of using them.

The solution

The main thing we envisioned for this redesign was replacing the first point of contact for all clients. On the current platform, users land directly on the marketplace browse page and rarely venture anywhere else. We created a new landing page that focused more on products like review system, Premiere Pro plugins, and portfolio, and we created landing pages that are more fun and more engaging for each of these products.

Upcoming Projects and Wireframes

Live projects and archive