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A short introduction

BoldLeads is a lead generation platform for real estate professionals. They create tools that help agents save time and money generating and converting leads.

the problem and What I worked on

In 2016 I joined a fantastic team at BoldLeads to help them in their mission to redesign their product offering and improve their customer experience overall. The Product website, which is the focus of this study, is an essential part of their product line since it is the first point of contact for the new users.

The results

The bounce rate dropped to a whopping 19.5%.
Loading times were reduced by 50%.

Even though we were driving a great amount of traffic to this page and did not focus too much on increasing the conversion rates, we did see an increase of 21.3%.

In 2017, BoldLeads received awards from Comparably in multiple categories for the first time - including the Best Company Outlook award. It went on to win 17 awards overall for 3 consecutive years.

In 2019, BoldLeads was acquired by Propertybase. Propertybase now offers the most complete lead-to-close platform on the market that simplifies the business of the real estate.

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Customer focus

the problem

The product that BoldLeads is selling is pricy and users had no real grasp of what they were getting for their money. BoldLeads was running for 2 years before I joined, so they already had a large user base and a pretty good idea of who their customers were. Unfortunately, they did not have the best idea about what their users needed.

So, we ran some research to validate or invalidate any assumptions we had. We conducted user interviews, to learn more about how they use the product and which needs were not being met. We also started using website analytics, that helped us track user activity and get a better idea of how they are using it, what problems they encounter and where they fail.

These were our findings:

The Solution

We made the product website mobile-first and optimized it for varying internet speeds that agents encounter with fieldwork.

Secondly, we made the content easy to understand, even for users that are not industry professionals. The next part was making the website appealing, different, and unique.

That is where we decided to do something bold, as the name suggests. Go in the opposite direction of everyone in the industry. We chose to use a playful design that would be fun and keep users interested. We compiled an electric color scheme that got people excited and engaged. All of which was unheard of in the industry at the time.

To help users understand everything they will get, we decided to go beyond features and focus on the benefits they will get and the pain they will remove from their life. Additionally, we introduced tour pages - their role is to take the potential customers through situations in which they could use BoldLeads and explain how to use it to their advantage.

This ended up doing more for us than any other strategy we had since the users finally got the grasp on how robust the product is and how much it will help them simplify their workflow, and the price started to seem like a bargain after that.

Finally, trying to turn people from thinking we're just another scam, proved to be the hardest of all. This effort went much further than design changes and went much deeper than the product website. Transparency became the number one priority for us; to transform the way people saw us.

We implemented real testimonials and social proof on the site, did a full story about the founders and their path to starting BoldLeads, created a team page so people could see real people that were working behind the scenes improved the pricing page to reflect the benefits for users and much more.

Simple pricing for a complex product.

the problem

One of the problems I emphasized in the previous section is pricing. Bold Leads is a robust product that does a lot of automation for the agents, but none of that was represented on the existing website.

the solution

Part of the solution to this problem was the Explore page I mentioned before, but the pricing page played a significant role as well. We designed a simple pricing page that emphasized the benefits for the users and is easy enough to go through and understand.

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