DryButler is a dry cleaning app that allows users to connect with dry cleaning shops.

A fresh, modern take on the traditional business of dry cleaning. DryButler is an app designed to make your life easy. Just select your favourite dry cleaning shop and add the stuff you need cleaned. We’ll pick it up and drop it off once it’s cleaned.


Mobile app design


Project Objectives


Objective of the project was to create innovative dry cleaning app that would stand out in the market.


We achieved this by creating a mobile app with advanced features and watch app for the courier. Mobile app was made for both customer, shop and couriers.

Customers have the ability to search and select shops, create and track orders and even chat with cleaning shop. Cleaners and couriers have the ability to accept, manage and track orders. Since couriers are on the move, watch app was created, for less distractions and more mobility.

Watch app

Watch app lets courier accept orders, track ones in progress, receive payments and even send and receive messages from his central. Simple notifications and voice messaging reduce the need for looking at the phone while driving.

Watch app improves
mobility and reduces



The app was meant to be used only in Istambul, Turkey. That’s why we had to get deep into the habits of the users and see what they expect out of the app. We had to rethink the way addresses are entered, since there are lots of small streets and passages, so it’s sometimes hard for couriers to find the entrance. That’s why we added a map with additional fields to edit the address and add notes on it.

Another thing we added was the image of the courier. Istanbul has more than 15 million citizens and it is not a particularly safe city. That reduced the anxiety of not knowing who is on your doors and eliminated the fear of unknown.

Adding the image of the courier was one of the favourite features among test users.