Everything you'll ever need to manage your own educational institution.

Classe365 is the modern student management software for running any type of educational institutions. We bundle SIS, LMS & CRM features for forward-thinking education institutions around the world. Take care of your school with ease.


Web app & Marketing website


Project Objectives


Task was to redesign marketing page, to bring it closer to target users and simplify the overly complicated web app and make it easy to use by everyday people, not just industry professionals.


We achieved this by redesigning the brand and it’s voice to speak to broade audience, not just school managers. Marketing page was translate into plain language so that everyone in the academic institution can understand it and navigate around easily. Web app was simplified so teachers, parents and students can use it in their daily workflow. Some complex features were broken down to smaller chunks, while others were completely reimagined.

Marketing website


Classe365 marketing website is designed to emphasize the forward-thinking  behind the platform. It is modern, edgy and fun. It captures the visitors attention and goes straight to the point. Content heavy pages are broken into sections, which makes them easy to follow.

Web app

Web app gives an overview of the whole institution. You can keep track of teacher or admin staff, take care of your students and make sure parents can track all their kids records.

Automated messages or emails for parents of a student, so they know how their kid is doing.


Classe365 provides flexibility with what you can manage. Alongside existing management features like attendance, students, fees and others, you can add your own metrics to follow.

As a student or as a teacher you what you want to manage.