We make generating leads and building a pipeline of prospects fast and easy.

Innovative and disruptive. BoldLeads is much more than a few landing pages. We give you everything you need to generate more leads, drive traffic and convert leads into clients. Last year alone, we generated more than 800, 000 leads.


Web app & Landing pages design


Project Objectives


BoldLeads helps top producing agents, coaches, and brokers get more leads and convert them into commissions. The goal of the project was to help professionals increase leads and improve conversion rates, and simplify user experience, since users are mostly seniors in their role that don’t have much experience with modern  technology.


The results are an increase in number of conversions, longer times spent in the application, as well as an increase in returning customers. Overall, the return of investment has also increased.

We redesigned the responsive web app and landing pages. With help of users, we managed to find the weak spots and improve them. Use on mobile phones was over 60% and support for mobile devices was poor. That was the first improvement that gave great results. We introduced new features and redesigned some of the existing ones, based on user feedback. We went on to simplify some of the more advanced features, which lead to clarity and ease of use. This directly lead to than average of 14 minutes spent in the app.

thousand leads
generated last year

Taken from official company statistics.

Landing Pages


Objective was to provide agents with landing page templates, so they can present them to potential customers. Users would than answer a few questions and get their estimate.

We created more than 25 types of landing pages to meet the needs of every type of buyer and seller.

types of questions
based on different
types of users.

In questionnaires that help create the best plans for users.


Why responsive

More than 60% of the users visit BoldLeads.com and it’s agents landing pages via mobile device. Old design either didn’t feature responsive at all, or was very poor, leading to great amounts of bounce rates.

That’s why we decided to redesign both web app and all landing pages to be completely responsive. Initial tests show that this was great move, with immediate plunge of bounce rates. Good part of the landing pages are still under development, but we have high hopes for those as well.


Success of the follow-up greatly depends of the timing, which, if you do manually is a very hard thing to achieve. That’s why we introduced automated follow-up. Meaning that after certain amount of time or specific user action, email, sms or voicemail gets automatically sent to potential customers.

Automated follow-up means less pain and more convesations.

Darko is one of the best designers we have worked with. He completely refreshed our whole brand and website. We gained a lot from him.

Project manager at BoldLeads

Laura G.