Currently creating awesome stuff at motion array.

Who am i and what I do

I am a Senior Product Designer with diverse experience across Lead generation, Media, News & Information, Real Estate, Fintech, Educational Software, Video Production, Marketing. I am naturally curious, and I have an analytical mindset. I am a people-oriented, creative, visual thinker, and a resourceful, self-starter.

I am passionate about what's next, and love working with new tech. I shipped digital products that touch millions of users daily. I champion fast execution and User-Centered Design, working backward from user needs to solve complex problems and deliver best-in-class solutions.

I've led products from ideation to prototype to launch, organized, and led successful teams. I am good at reinventing myself in new fields, and through this, I gained experience in a wide variety of industries. I am driven by exploring, finding, and implementing undiscovered value for undiscovered markets.

Products I built are used by

HBO // Twitter // T-Mobile // HP // Adobe // Disney // Netflix // Amazon // FOX // Hilton // Sony // Universal // CBS // Uber // BBC // Ebay // Viacom // Electronic Arts // FC Barcelona // Qualcomm // Autodesk